Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Josh Hadley on The Brad Westmar Show...

   I was on the Brad Westmar show last week and we talked about an old Adam & Eve catalog from 1984 that I found.   We talk about some of the odd shit that you can't get anymore (and bitch about prices being so much lower).   It's fun.  You can listen here... Brad Westmar


  1. Dear Josh,

    I like your shows, especially Radiodrome and Lost In The Static. I recall several episodes back on Radiodrome, I believe that you mentioned that you wrote an article for Hustler. I hadn't picked up a porn mag in while so I picked one up and my cover is the January issue. What month is your article in? And do you have any extra copies for sale. Thank you for your time. You can also find me on Facebook.


    Justin Hugh Dickinson

  2. Last time I spoke to my editor, it was slated for the March Issue.