Thursday, August 25, 2011

Help Us Get To Horrorhound...

  Hello, peoples of the interwebs.  Hank Carlson and I are planning to go to HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, OH this Nov 11-13 but we need your help.   We don't have the money to fly there (we have the press passes and the equipment already) and we are looking for....investors for lack of a better term.  I hate to ask but the only way we can get the money to go is if you guys out there can help us out.   If you guys donate to help us afford this, we will come back with interviews, video, audio and lots of cool stuff to share with you people.  Also, since Brad and Jerrid are going to be there you would actually have all of us in the same room togather and that can only create interesting chaos.

  So, being a total whore I am asking for any donations for the HorrorHound Weekend cause.   There is a paypal link at the top if this page or you can paypal donations to

   If you guys send us there, we will bring back some great stuff.

   Thanks for reading this self serving diatribe.

You can also help fund a really unique project here

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