Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flipping Channels Late One Halloween Night....

  Here is what it was like when I was a youth, flipping through the channels late on Halloween Night....


  1. You became one of the main stars in my private selected show choices to listen on the internet at any time.

    I am listen What The Fuck ???, Radiodrome and Lost in the Static all together and despite the original air date or subject matter they are all awesome to listen.

    The flipping channel video is awesome, i planning my time grid to add It Came From Beyond Midnight in my Primetime list.

    Thank you Josh.

  2. I did love these kind of promos and the stuff they would do for halloween back then. Now they barely get into it at all and what they do is usually the same every year. Now every year the old movies vanish one by one and we get things like survival of the dead on AMC. Thanks for taking me back.