Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What The Fuck!!?? Episode 16

   The Sixteenth episode of my radio show What The Fuck!!?? (Original airdate 10-15-11).  Jillian Jones makes her WTF debut and we talk about Peta making fun of a Shark Attack Victim, why society looks down on BBW's and Reality TV..  Check it out here What The Fuck !!?? Episode 16 and every Saturday Night at 11pm on Jackalope Radio


  1. I eat lots of meat (lots), but I support the ASPCA, I think animal testing should be done on human volunteers (the suicidals, convicts on death row, people who know they're going to die of an treatable illness).

    I'm iffy with PETA; they make all animal rights activists look bad by association & they get TOO violent & TOO destructive & they euthanize most of the animals they save, but I support the idea of using an angry mob & a little property destruction, video surveillance, & wire tapping to keep the industry in line, like I would support humans doing the same to big companies. Keep in mind, I only support the Little Man being able to lean on Big Brother & not the other way around; it would be turnabout fair play anyway, since Big Brother gets away with their leaning.

  2. Oh, I got one you'll like. I don't remember the name of the mall store, it was back in the 90s....A thin employee with an attitude told a potential customer not to bother because they wouldn't have anything even half her size. She told the manager lady. Manager lady told the customer "you can take anything you like; it will be coming out of (employee's) paycheck." The customer took the jeans for her brother that she'd intended to get in the first place, but got a more expensive brand to rub salt in the wound.