Saturday, February 11, 2012

What The Fuck!!?? Episode 29

   The Twenty Ninth episode of my radio show What The Fuck!!?? (Original airdate 01-14-11).  Jillian and Cassandra Baker wrestle control of the show away from me pretty damn fast and it goes into every direction.   Check it out here What The Fuck !!?? Episode 29 and every Saturday Night at 11pm on Jackalope Radio

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  1. I started watching anime in 1989, when I was 8. I too will watch only a few series a year because the novelty wore off when anime became popular & every concept had been rehashed a million times over.

    Sailor Moon: Loved it as a kid, hate it as an adult.

    Death Note: Refuse to watch it because people who watch anime I hate love it, & because the animes they choose for mainstream cable are 90% of the time overhyped & mediocre. I also hate animes where everyone dies or the whole thing was just a dream.

    Nightmare: I'm a fan too. Listened to them a lot in college.

    Akira: Hate it, always hated it, rewatch it every 2 years despite that & I still hate it, mostly I hate the character designs, but the plot & ending baffle me.

    Cowboy Bebop: Very good, but CN ruined it for me by showing it over & over & over & over....

    Samurai Shamploo: Also good, terrible music, I tend not to remember short single-season shows.

    Gantz: No desire to ever watch it.

    Vampire Hunter D: A classic, must see. I agree that the 2ed one is that much better.

    .Hack//SIGN: Freaking love it & the soundtrack, but the gender swap part of the ending pissed me off because it reminded me of the ending to Juubei-Chan season 2, which is one of the worst sequels I've ever seen, 2ed only to Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan season 2 in disappointment.

    .hack//DUSK (ala LotT): Mediocre.

    Naruto: Absolute tripe. I hope Little Kuriboh does more of it Abridged, because the worse the anime, the better the abridgment.