Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It Came From Beyond Midnight Episode 3: Warriors Of The Wasteland

   Our Third episode of It Came From Beyond Midnight. This movie is just weird.  It's a Mad Max knock-of that gets too goofy to take seriously and remember that subtle undercurrent of homosexuality that the Road Warrior had?  Yeah, nothing subtle here...

  Oh and watch for Joe's little Warriors encounter in the parking lot...

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  1. That initiation scene was something else! In regards to the homosexual themes of Mad Max and the ripoffs, if you notice there weren't a lot of women in the post apocalyptic world. Or at least ones you'd want to do.

    Still I just didn't get the Max Max ripoffs, simply because all without fail f'd up the formula. In Mad Max and The Road Warrior the characters were picking the last bit of gristle off the carcass of the old world, which made it semi realistic. The ripoffs all have guys sporting futuristic weapons, electric cars or some other kind of technology they shouldn't have.