Friday, April 1, 2011

Lost In The Static Episode 1: Remakes

   The first episode of my radio show Lost In The Static (Original airdate 08-28-10).   Scott and I take on remakes, both good and bad.   Check it out here Lost In The Static Episode 1 and every Saturday Night at 7pm on Jackalope Radio

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  1. I have to admit that I thought the Dawn remake was surprisingly good at the time (I saw it 7 times in the theater). Lately if I watch the movie I can only watch the first twenty minutes, and the last twenty. The middle part of the movie just doesn't hold up very well, unlike the original.

    I agree about Invaders from Mars as far as remakes go it wasn't bad at all.

    One remake that have always enjoyed that gets universally panned is Body Snatchers (1993).

    The remake that probably makes my head spin more than any other has to be the remake of The Amityville Horror. Granted the original wasn't great but its oscar material compared to remake.