Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lost In The Static Episode 10: Halloween Part 1

  The Tenth episode of my radio show Lost In The Static (Original airdate 10-30-10).  Part 1 of our Halloween show, where Scott and I take on why Halloween is fucking AWESOME and the things we love about it (personally I think it's the only real holiday). Check it out here Lost In The Static Episode 10 and every Saturday Night at 7pm on Jackalope Radio


  1. Great work on these shows guys....your respective personalities really compliment each other. I was just here, listening to your back catalog one-by-one while leaning back with a cherry-limeade (good times :)
    It's funny, I'm the opposite when it comes to candy: even the idea of candy corn makes me wanna hurl, but I'll sprint over broken glass for a coconut candy (remember those big tri-color coconut bars?)
    As for a movie that makes me feel all Halloween-y inside, I'd have to vote for "Something Wicked This Way Comes"; it makes the rounds every year at my house.
    Keep it up....I've gotta lotta soda to get through.
    Angelique ~Half-Mad Artist
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  2. I'm re-listening to this for ideas on how to make this Halloween my best yet.