Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lost In The Static Episode 56: Star Wars Special Part 1

  The Fifty Sixth episode of my radio show Lost In The Static (Original airdate 09-17-11).  It was not that long ago, not in a galaxy far far away, but Scott and I take these movies apart (the 3 real movies). Check it out here Lost In The Static Episode 56 and every Saturday Night at 7pm on Jackalope Radio


  1. The Fifty Sixth episode of my radio show Lost In The Static (Original airdate 09-17-11). It was not that long ago buy swtor credits

  2. I know this comment comes way after the show, but I'm catching up on the backlog. You asked what Star Wars meant to us in the audience. Until 1997, Star Wars was just some vague memories of Return of the Jedi and one ewok action figure. I'm afraid the special edition was my introduction to the original trilogy. That was middle school. I am now 27.

    I LOVED them. half a year later, I was wearing a handmade Princess Leia costume for Haloween, and grabbing all the EU books I could find. I'd rent the original editions from my local mom & pop video rental place.

    around 1999, I couldn't have been more excited about the Phantom Menace. And then I saw it. It was shocking, so much so that it took a year or two to realize that Lucas had gone bat-shit. Sure, I went to the next two prequels, but not multiple times. I stopped buying the new novels. Gradually, Lucas's contempt for the versions of the movies his fans knew and loved became more and more evident. That is why I do not proudly exclaim that I am a Star Wars fan any longer. He lost so many of us.