Saturday, December 17, 2011

What The Fuck!!?? Episode 20

   The Twentieth episode of my radio show What The Fuck!!?? (Original airdate 11-12-11).  Jillian is back and we talk about if Bullying by Christians should be illegal, the death of CDs and Twilight fangirls.   Check it out here What The Fuck !!?? Episode 20 and every Saturday Night at 11pm on Jackalope Radio

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  1. Josh,

    Needing CDs and the artwork that goes with it is the height of consumerism and materialism. If you really care about the music, what do you need the additional art for? All of that packaging is so much waste. And for the people who need all of the CDs and that....Well, those are the people who end up on 'Hoarders'.

    Just keeping all of your media on a hard drive is so garbage, no clutter, much cheaper. It's also the future. Ever seen Star Trek: TNG? " me some Aerosmith".

    And if you need to see artwork, the cover art is displayed on your computer screen, iPod or iPhone screen.

    BTW, they can't get rid of CDs...not everyone has a computer or mp3 player.