Saturday, December 17, 2011

What The Fuck!!?? Episode 19

   The Nineteenth episode of my radio show What The Fuck!!?? (Original airdate 11-05-11).  Jerrid again and we discuss OWS...again, some of our stories from working in the news and What The Fuck has happened to humor today.   Check it out here What The Fuck !!?? Episode 19 and every Saturday Night at 11pm on Jackalope Radio


  1. Maybe the people smoking weed at OWS are working FOR the police to give them the excuse to shut them down. Then again, there are still hippies...Used to live across the street for a couple, they didn't believe in gardening & the bramble made their front door completely inaccessible.

  2. Not solely toilet humor. Compare modern humor to movies aimed at kids; same stupid sense of humor, jokes anyone older than 8 should be embarrassed to laugh at, but in order to make it for adults, you have to add in sex, drugs, drinking, & swearing that are PC enough to avoid a Blue Comedy label. Think of any adult comedy, take out the adult themes, & you have yourself a dumb kids movie because there's no mature humor at all.